Alexiane Cazenave

In the making : discover Carmeline, an animated short film about ageing


is an animated short film about ageing, written by Alexiane Cazenave and directed by Rosa Beiroa

Carmeline tells the story of a young woman who finds herself drawn in a battle against time when her own body starts attacking her by ageing unexpectedly. Our film questions the relationship women have with ageing and our story is based on real experiences. We have conducted filmed interviews as well as anonymous surveys where women shared with us the feelings and thoughts the process of ageing triggers in them, from personal experiences to the way they feel represented in society nowadays. We aim at making a film that will broaden the conversation.

  • Rosa Beiroa is a director and animator. Her previous film "in our skin"won many prizes around the world.

  • The team conducted interviews and anonymous surveys in order to make a film that will do justice to the topic.

  • A combination of digital and handmade images

  • The campaign is now ready, link below the video

More videos on our VIMEO PAGE here

This video is an extract of the interviews conducted as a part of our research for the film.

Directed by Alexiane Cazenave / Dop Ana Ladislau / Edited by Ana Ladislau / Sound Rosa Beiroa / Music Susanne Aubert / Animation Rosa Beiroa

Hi, I am Alexiane

Nice to meet you !

I worked as an actress for over 10 years before deciding to tell stories myself. I have therefore developped my skills as a writer and a director in order to have the freedom to put on projects of my choice and liking . I have written shows performed by children in schools as well as scripts and plays. I  recently won my first writing prize for my short story “a touch of green”, soon to be adapted into a film. A big part of my work focuses on the subject of getting old, which lead Rosa Beiroa and myself to collaborate on Carmeline.

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